Drum Motors

The Drum Motor is a completely self-contained, motorized pulley drive unit. The Van der Graaf drum motor is one of the safest drives available because all parts, including motor, bearings, and gearbox, are enclosed within the drum. The only moving external part is the drum. Because the gears are continuously bathed in oil, the unit effectively dissipates heat and is extremely quiet.

  • Twin Drum Motor

    Twin Drum Motor

    • 96% mechanical efficiency, resulting in savings of up to 30% in energy consumption compared to external drives.
    • Virtually maintenance free, requiring only an oil change every 50,000 hours of operation.
    • They are inverter duty and can operate at 1/10 of the rated frequency of 60Hz with no torque reduction.
    • Hermetic sealed that prevents leakage and contaminants that could affect the motor.
    • Gears are high alloy steel; precision cut, hardened and honed teeth reducing noise to minimal. All components are made of iron to withstand higher stress levels.
    • Electric motors have vacuum windings, high pressure and immersed in polymer (VPI). Tested 100% and above NEMA standards.
    • The drum can have many different laggings and patterns, drive sprockets and even have special forms or attachments such as brushes, teeth, blades for crushing or grinding, taper for curved conveyors, many diameters for putting more than one type of band at the same time, etc.
    • Available in the following diameters: 5.00", 5.43", 5.90", 6.50", 8.50", 12.50", 15.75", 19.69" and up to 39.37”.
    • Made of carbon steel
    • Orange Painted caps and junction box
    • From 0.13 HP to 180 HP
    • Ideal when a low profile is required and/or more than the standard power. Also when the drum motor is too long in relation to its diameter.
    • The two motors work simultaneously each with separate gear systems to offer twice the torque.
    • Designed to operate with friction driven belts
    • Drum’s surface with or without patterns
    • Available urethane and rubber laggings.
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